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We build high performing businesses

My Local Boardroom Groups are the place where we build high performing businesses.

On these groups you’ll learn:

  • Develop a strategic plan to eliminate that ‘treading water’ feeling
  • Surround yourself with ‘like-minded’ people who are hungry for success
  • Harness the success strategies with the support of our Mastermind Group
  • Create business acumen and strong foundations for growth
  • Avoid the key reason businesses fail by LOVING the numbers

Are you a Slave to your business?

85% of people running their own business are feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, cash and time poor while working 24/7.

They went into business for financial security and freedom and often are in the opposite situation, in debt and feeling tied to their business.

As time progresses without a workable strategy, they consequently end up fed up, probably with health issues and no family life. They can’t remember their last holiday and they are ready to give up on their dream.

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t give up hope yet!

There's a New Approach

This doesn’t need to be your reality!

We just need to fix one or two of the major areas of your business.

This is why we created My Local Boardroom Groups.

As Business Owner I know how difficult it can be to work ON the business when you are working IN the business.

My Local Boardroom Groups are designed to give you the space necessary to work ON rather than IN your business.

From the very beginning, we’ll work with you to get things rolling in the right direction.

Our Groups are judgement-free zones where you can get expert advice from mentors and peers without having to worry about hidden agendas or surprise costs on your journey to business freedom!

This is what your life could be...

We already agree that we went in business for the freedom.

The freedom of not having a glass ceiling on our income and for the time freedom that successful business owners and entrepreneurs have. It’s a lifestyle.

In plain and simple words that is what your life could be.

We have the methods, you have the dream.

Let’s make the dream happen!

A snippet of what you will learn

Learn how to make strategic decisions

Are you leaving your business to hope? Master grabbing the bull by the horns! Start becoming a proactive rather than reactive business owner.

Setting the right business structure for growth

Business growth requires a team of people. As an individual, you only have the capacity to do so much. Together, we’ll develop a winning structure so you leverage a team of people and start growing!

Learn how to play the numbers game

Like it or not, business is a numbers game so you need to learn how to play! Together, we’ll remove the guess work from your finances and make sure that your numbers support your work.

Support in your journey

Being in Business is a lonely world but it doesn’t need to be! You will work with your peers towards reaching the success you so richly deserve. Have a question? You will have a team of people ready to jump out and help!


An important question to ask!

Simply put, your business in your livelihood and the success of your life is intimately tied to the success of your business. No one understands this maxim better than the Business Freedom Group.

We understand your need for financial freedom which is why we work to provide you with the best support, advice, education and accountability possible.

Our founder, Monica Brewer, is a serial entrepreneur and a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience helping small business owners grow.

She’s worked tirelessly to help creative business minds around the world take their companies to the next level. Monica knows exactly what it takes to succeed in business and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Monica Brewer

Founder Business Freedom Group

This Yearly Program will help you strengthen every part of your business!
Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • 12 x Group Meetings running throughout the year
  • Answer your burning questions with our Weekly Ask the Expert Calls
  • Access your support team at any time with our secret support group
  • Access to an e-Learning System to support your process


Yes! I’m Ready and Energized!

What Others Say About Monica...

Monica has an outstanding knowledge in her area, has the ability to really drill down and fi nd the issues that may be hidden or plaguing a business and then find solid, sensible and reasonable solutions, that can be easily implemented.

She is highly committed to her clients and their results and is willing to change the approach and look at issues from different angles to fi nd solutions. Her breakfast networking clubs are a fresh idea, offering business the opportunity to grow and develop with real advice and help over a period of time.

I recommend Monica strongly.


Video Social Marketing Pty Ltd

Monica has proven to be an outstanding business consultant, helping my business to achieve remarkable results thus doubling my business. I have found Monica to have the highest integrity and honesty, I would have no hesitation recommending her to any business to which she could apply her skills.


David Benn Fine Jewellery Pty Ltd

Having known Monica both personally and professionally for over 4 years it has given me a great insight into her strengths, values and the outcomes she helps her clients achieve. Don’t let Monica’s reserved persona fool you, her ability to lead and support her clients on their path to success is a core strength and with a background in accounting, it sets a strong foundation that underlies business advice with a genuine and deep understanding of business fundamentals

Sean Soole

Managing Director, DacStar Group

As a business owner with big plans for growth, Monica’s support, advice and wisdom has been invaluable to me. She has a great ability to cut through to the real issues holding business owners back, and get provide tangible strategies to move through them. She is a fabulous business mentor.


Thinksmart Marketing Pty Limited

I have known Monica for almost a decade and she continually shows up as a strong leader and supporter for those who want more from their business and their life.  Her ability to coach people and work with them through complex and challenging situations and strategies and maintain a very calm and even temperament is a real gift.

Kerwin Rae

Over the past 5 months Monica has helped me grow both myself and my business to new heights. Her continued support, expert knowledge and understanding through the process has been invaluable in helping us succeed.


The Delicatessen - Video Production

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