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Business Booster

No matter what you are in, you should be spending at least 30% of your time on marketing and finding new ways to get more business in the door.

It seems that almost everyone who is working hard but not making a lot of money, is hoping someone else will make them rich, someone else with sell their products, social media is the silver bullet,¬† the economy will get better, word of mouth alone will spread the message…….. as a business coach, I beg to differ. This is a mindset and hurdle that most of my clients need to jump. Most people are technicians in their business, they are really good at what they do. The thought of marketing, following up clients, chasing work is quite confronting.

However the reality is the only people who can make you rich are either too expensive to hire, or are in business making themselves rich. There are no miracles in business –¬† just working smart, tenacity, setting good goals and …, marketing¬† and more marketing.