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We provide you with the tools and strategies to accelerate your growth and overcome the obstacles you may encounter on your business journey. Unlike other business coaches and consultants that provide only a part of the solution. We are able to give you the whole solution. We have been specialising in building small business success for over 30 years.

We are passionate about helping you take control of your business, take back your lives and enjoy your business freedom

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What Others Say About Business Freedom Group


As a business owner with big plans for growth, Monica’s support, advice and wisdom has been invaluable to me. She has a great ability to cut through to the real issues holding business owners back, and get provide tangible strategies to move through them. She is a fabulous business mentor.

Janine Pares

Thinksmart Marketing Pty Limited

Thank you, Monica for changing my life, mind, soul & my heart. You are way more than a business coach. You have helped me to start finding my greatest being.

Through the ongoing personal & business success, Monica has helped me ignite & nurture the great unknown goals I wasn’t aware I could achieve.

I was at the stage of giving up & shutting up shop. Monica took me from there to now, being on all TV networks, supporting a team of 9 staff (& growing) & most of all feeling great & celebrating the wins. My sales have tripled in 12months.

The valuable tool of ‘know how’ Monica has giving me to run a tidy, focused, well run business is now helping me grow Buttercreme Lane to be wide world.

Daniella Boutros

Founder Buttercreme Lane

I recently attended one of Monica’s 2 hour workshops “How to ditch cash flow anxiety once and for all”
I was expecting another workshop purely explaining the nuts and bolts of cash flow and profit but instead Monica presented a highly motivating and interactive workshop that helped me realise why my existing beliefs were limiting my potential to grow my business. It was a refreshing approach and I left the workshop not only enthusiastic about changing but with a clear goal.

The interactive structure allowed other participants to share their experiences and also their challenges with each other.

I highly recommend Monica not only as a presenter and facilitator but as a highly motivated coach to help business owners on many levels.

Philippe Flatt

Image Technique, Photographer